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If you are looking for innovative Bosch technology with a high level of convenience, easy operation and durability any Bosch Kitchen appliances are highly recommended. The sleek designs fit in with any selected kitchen setting, like the Bosch Kitchen Machine.

Finding the perfect blender for your home is never easy. You would need something that will last, something that can help you to run your home in the most efficient way.To create the most delicious smoothies, soups or sauces with a reliable machine. Bosch has incredibly reliable kitchen blenders.

They are Simply Perfect, whether you would like a Stick Blender or Kitchen machine, Hirsch’s stocks the best of the Bosch range.

Benefits of the Bosch MUM4 Kitchen Machine 600w S/ST

  • Appropriate all-rounder with a greatly sized stainless-steel mixing bowl, 3.9 l of maximum capacity and 2.0 kg’s of maximum dough capacity.
  • Fantastic multipurpose, which is thanks to the pastry set, stirring whisk, kneading hook and beating whisk. Four discs for shredding, cutting, grating and is great for making dumplings, accessory holder and mixing attachments.
  • Ingredients are always mixed to perfection with the multi-motion 3-D mixing system
  • Expanding your preparation range by adding high-quality accessories, if not already the supplier standard, grinding mill, pastry attachment, ice-cream maker, meat mincer, and universal mixer, to name a few of the many options
  • Bosch Technology allows for easy and safe use as well as being easy to utilize, as well as having dishwasher safe accessories.

Highlights of the Bosch MUM4 Kitchen Machine

  • The large mixing bowl allows for optimum dough preparation.

An alternative mixer would be the Bosch EasyMixx Blender Rod Set, which also has a powerful 600-watt motor, this is a functional kitchen appliance that will be a hard to live without.

Benefits of the EasyMixx Blender Rod Set 600 w Motor

  • Super lightweight, with high functionality designed handle, with non-slip soft-touch coating.
  • The four-winged Quattro Blade make ease of puree, blending and chopping.
  • Carefully selected exclusive accessories such as a chopper, for chopping herbs, nuts and cheese, a whisk that makes beating of egg whites and cream a dream
  • Up to 12 different mixing speeds, that are suitable for all sorts of applications as well as an additional turbo button which will maximize power.
  • Robust 600 watts motor for the most incredible results.

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