When and how to submit all types of company taxes: 
The owner of  The Tax Shop Accountants Marissa Burness was the guest speaker Hirsch’s Meadowdale Woman in Business Networking morning that was held recently. Marissa assists small businesses with bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and payroll and also helps them with setting up basic business plans that cover all areas of business. Commented Hirsch’s PRO Chantelle du Plessis “Marissa kicked off the morning’s event by discussing how to submit all types of company taxes. For instance, tax payers who receive a travel allowance from their employer can claim a SARS refund for the use of their private motor vehicle when they have travelled for business purposes.There are two things that are essential in submitting a claim for business related travel: a travel logbook and odometer readings on the 1st March each year.

“This is the first day of the tax year. Those who wish to submit for a refund need to ensure that they keep a logbook throughout the year. SARS has downloadable logbook templates available. It is important to note that without a logbook, tax payers would not be able to claim for business travel.“Without a logbook the tax payer will not have a valid claim,” said Marissa.

After Marissa’s talk, networkers were given the opportunity to present themselves and their businesses in a 60 second elevator pitch. This was followed by some lucky draws, networking sharing and business card and refreshments.

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