Hirsch’s Homestore in Ballito was recently a hive of activity as business owners, reps and aspiring entrepreneurs gathered together for their monthly women in business networking event, a calendar favorite in the world of networking on the North Coast! 

Guest Speaker for the morning was Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever of the year finalist Farah Manjoo, the owner of Baraaqa Healing Sancutary, who gave an inspiring talk titled, “Dealing with competition in business with a positive attitude.”

“She discussed ways in which one can overcome the negativity of competition and use it as a means of positive growth for one’s business. She also shared how she changed her perception of competition using 5 empowering qualities. The greatest take away from her talk was her inspiring message of stepping into the power of your own UNIQUENESS and shining bright, becoming more of your unique authentic self!”

“Farah is passionate about inspiring, motivating and empowering both women and children. She helps people discover their true potential, become the best version of themselves and flourish. She decided to pursue a career as a Journey and Brain Gym Practitioner when she witnessed the profound difference it made in her life.” Said Hirsch’s Public Relations Officer Shane Spencer

“I healed myself from depression and achieved my true potential and purpose in life,” Farah explained.

The mother of three runs her own private practice – Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary – and is currently furthering her studies in Psychology. She has a Bachelor of Education degree and honours in Psychology. She also has an International Accreditation in The Journey with Brandon Bays and is a Master NLP Coach. Farah calls herself a ‘Female and Kids Empowerment Coach’ because she is skilled in various programs and offers an amazing ray of services at Baraaqa.

These events are held monthly, contact for more information.