Hirsch’s Springfield Park recently hosted their monthly ladies networking morning with Guest Speaker Penny Milner Smyth from Ethical ways, a company that she  founded on the basis of engaging integrity in the workplace. 

Said Penny  “Research shows that more and more CEO’s are losing their positions   due to ethical reasons. Leaders have become distracted by their own desires.  One thing you can’t do is deceive the public over a long period of time.  It will just take one bad incident in a business to ruin a solid lifetime’s reputation. Small things can have terrible consequences. She said that we should be promoting pro social behaviour in the workplace and not let an unacceptable state of affairs become acceptable.  The answer, she said, was to continuously nudge employees in the right direction.” 

Networkers had a chance to speak about their businesses and exchange business cards, ending the day with delicious snacks and coffee.

For more information on networking events at Hirsch’s Springfield park, contact lindsays@hirschs.co.za