Marlene Powell, one of the top business coaches in KZN and in the top 100 ActionCOACH’S worldwide, is determined to help clients and the business community in general to steer their businesses on a safe path through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Marlene is setting up webinars for all her clients and any other business person who is interested including the popular Hirsch’s entrepreneur workshops. Says Marlene “We will have discussions around the Coronavirus situation and help you to manage your business without the panic. We want to help guide you and your business through this difficult time and will be able to provide you with the tools and methodology to make this time easier than those businesses who are trying to deal with these challenges on their own. There are opportunities that will come from this.  We will shortly be sending you the link to attend the Webinars.”  She says.

Tips from Marlene and ActionCOACH to prepare your business for the Corona-Virus Economic Panic:

  • Communicate
    • More than ever communicate often.  Uncertainty creates even more confusion and noise.  Make sure you’re communicating in a variety of ways with all your stakeholders. 
  • Be Positive
    • Be the leader!  Look for the small wins and ensure you publicly acknowledge and celebrate the good news. 
  • Know the Cycles
    • Everything has a season.  Constantly remind yourself to look beyond the foreseeable future and take a longer-term view.  The stormy seas are much calmer out there.
  • Change
    • Adapt or die is a basic universal law.  Now is the time to embrace change and look for creative ways of doing things differently.  The faster you adapt in critical areas the better.
  • Cut Back
    • Gold is no longer a safe haven – cash is.  Cut back wherever possible and reduce unnecessary expenses.  Become lean and mean again.  DO NOT however cut back on marketing and sales.
  • Extend Credit
    • To ensure you have a sufficient buffer, and can deal with any cashflow shocks, you may need access to funding.  Get it now. 
  • Plan Work from Home
    • The world has been speaking about this for years and now it has become a ‘forced’ reality.  Consider technology needs and don’t neglect critical items like security, data integrity, backups etc.  Create virtual meetings and digital reporting to ensure as much functionality as possible is retained. 
  • Online or Deliveries
    • Don’t let potential quarantine or social distancing become an issue.  Remove excuses before they’re birthed and consider changing your business model immediately. 
  • Market and Sell
    • Now more than ever you must focus heavily on marketing and sales.    You’re probably going to have to work harder just to retain the same business so make sure your KPIs, goals and targets are adjusted now.  Remember the personal touch and the good old phone. 
  • Repeat Business
    • Existing customers are the best kind so look after them like gold.  Invite them back.  Enhance a personal touch.  Give them special deals and reward their loyalty
  • Common Sense and Compassion
    • Over deliver on customer service.  It’s not business as usual so don’t carry on as if it is.  Put people first and make them the centre of everything you do. 

As the saying goes: “This too shall pass!”  Make sure when the tide turns, you’re still around and well positioned to bounce back quickly.  Challenge always brings opportunity and entrepreneurs will always come back stronger and ready for even bigger challenges.

Together we’ll all get through this with resounding success.

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