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Cleaning and maintaining your home can be tiring, no one wants to clean when they could be out enjoying the weather or doing fun activities. That’s why Smart Cleaning was invented!

In South Africa, dirt and grime will create a build-up, as it’s so hot here. For example, sweating walls, this causes your home to start looking run down and unappealing, it can eventually cause damage in the long run.
Smart cleaning also helps to get into small places and alleviate dirt when it’s not always seen, yet it can grow tremendously over time. There are much health befits to Smart Cleaning
Smart cleaning can make the task of cleaning more manageable, as it eliminates large cleaning loads.

Here are a few Smart Cleaning Tips

  • Invest in some dryer sheets – removing dust from hard to reach corners has never been so easy
  • Scrubbing Brush Hack – Use Your Kitchen Brush to Clean the Window ledges to remove all cornered dirt.
  • Washing Dishes – Save Water and be sure of Hygienic washes by using a Dish Washer.
  • Polish shoes – use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on white shoes to keep them looking like a fresh new pair
  • Spare Toothbrush – Use a spare toothbrush to clean hard to reach trim on your car
  • Lemonade wipe – a bowl of lemon slices and water, place in Microwave for a few minutes. This will act as a natural cleanser, use this to wipe out your microwave in the most chemical freeway.
  • Cleaning blinds- Use your salad tongs to clean the tongs. Cover tongs with fabric and use as a cleaning tool to clean Blinds.
  • Vacuum DON’T sweep – Vacuuming is so much better than sweeping, you don disperse dust into the air by Vacuuming.

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