We’re all thinking of the health of our families right now and a product that has become an extremely popular buy with the health conscious are portable steam cookers or built in steam ovens – and here’s why.

Cooking with steam helps to conserve the colour, texture fibre and nutritional value of food – helping to preserve the water soluble vitamins, B and C, potassium, phosphorous and zinc. 

There are two different types of steaming, low and high pressure.  Low pressure steaming involves food being cooked directly or indirectly in contact with the steam – food is placed between plates over a pan of boiling water.  High pressure steam ovens work in exactly the same way as a traditional oven, with the added benefit of steam, and this is where food gets really exciting because heat browns and crisps the food. The introduction of steam makes all the difference, locking in the natural moisture to deliver a whole range of juicy and succulent dishes including meat, fish, casseroles and vegetables – even desserts. It’s all about taste, and lots of it.

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