What is OLED by LG?

OLED by LG televisions have taken consumers by storm by establishing their firm position in the market. Redefining home entertainment experience with cinematic colors, incredible clarity contrast.

How would you define OLED by LG

A television that uses organic light-emitting diodes to produce images on the screen. These diodes feature an organic material that allows each of them to glow individually, and produce a stunning array of color when they come into contact with an electrical charge. They then turn off completely when no electrical charge is present. OLED by LG can produce true, rich, vibrant colors.

OLED can be produced in incredibly light, thin designs that can be as slim as a pencil. Select from flat and curved screens, as well as exceptionally slim picture-on-glass designs, featuring a glass-mounted OLED panel with rounded, transparent edges.

OLED televisions boast a superior viewing experience and feature beautiful designs, but they also deliver cutting-edge technology in a slim, sleek package. From access to your favorite apps, to 3D viewing and 4K resolutions, high dynamic range (HDR) surround technology, and virtually no motion blur, LG OLED televisions are the ultimate in home entertainment technology.

OLED favourites:

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