During Lockdown, the fridge must be one of the most popular appliances with the whole family!    They are the go to place for a quick snack, a glass of water or a bottle of chilled sparkling wine.  They also keep our food super fresh, and the latest trend in fridges sees all food types staying fresh for so much longer.  The Hirsch team visited the IFA Appliance and Electronics Fair in Germany last year and were hugely impressed with technology that is keeping food fresh for much longer.  “Fridge manufacturers spoke about wastage when food is not kept at the right temperature, and ways to prevent this from happening.  The latest fridges have food sensors inside them so red lights shine when food starts to go off and you can choose to either eat or cook the food in good time  before  it starts to go off.” Commented Allan.

To keep your fridge working efficiently at this time, make sure that the door is not opened and closed too often;  don’t put hot leftovers in the fridge;  vacuum the condenser coils (back of the outside of the fridge)  to keep them free of dust and grease; Make sure the temperature is not too cold; Cover food to reduce moisture build up.

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