Happy World  Earth day to everyone today.  World Earth Day started as a way to raise awareness with regards to environmental protection.  Since the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, the movement has grown substantially!  Says Founder and Chairman of Hirsch’s, Allan Hirsch: “Being in isolation is really a gift to Mother Earth.  The way that the world is restoring itself is amazing and makes us realize that we don’t appreciate Mother Earth nearly enough!  We use products that abuse the earth when there are so many energy efficient products that we should be using to help save it.  Let’s all make a change. Let’s all try and use more energy efficient products and appreciate the earth a lot more.

The Hirsch’s team came up with some great ideas to help save the environment.  Here they are.

  1. When selecting an appliance make sure you are going for one with a high energy rating of A++.
  2. Air-conditioning with a built in Inverter will save on around 40% of electricity and control a more exact temperature control using less electricity.
  3. Make your own cleaning materials, it’s a great way to stop harsh chemicals from filtering into the earth and water supply. A great recipe is mixing bicarbonate soda,  vinegar and a touch of sunlight liquid with water, it is a natural degreaser, and it will keep your fridge , microwave and oven smelling amazing.
  4. Instead of throwing out vegetable scraps collect them in a bucket outside and use them as a natural compost packed with lots of nutrition. Plant your own vegetable garden and use your own compost! This lessens the amount of waste that lands up at the landfill.
  5.  Transform your trash into Treasure – Have your children bring in a variety of recyclable items such as milk cartons, paper towel rolls, egg cartons and more. Challenge their creativity to come up with new inventions and art projects with the materials.
  6. • Switch off lights that are not being used.
  7. • Save water  –  Shower, don’t bath. Shorten your showers.
  8. • Make use of biodegradable materials.

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