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Bosch’s Latest Technology Innovations For Their Appliances

Bosch’s latest technology innovations for their appliances have been tailor-made by you! Your wishes, dreams, desires have been considered to create the ultimate luxurious and innovative appliances that ensure your life is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The future is here, these appliances will inform you in advance when food items will be ready, by taking an account of the individual preparation of food items in the oven. When taking into baked goods and roasts the PerfectBake sensor technology ensures picture-perfect results each time.

What is Bosch Cookit Technology?

The Bosch Cookit offers unlimited cooking creativity pre-programmed meal preparation, guided cooking, preparing your own recipes plus food processing. Centered around a smart cooking pot with a 3-liter capacity, Cookit features an extra-large cooking surface inside with the ability to roast meats up to 200º Celsius.

If you are a true foodie and an individual wanting more from cooking then “Cookit” is your kitchen companion. Cookit is a world-class innovation that offers great convenience and enhance quality of life. It is Bosch’s first connected multifunctional food processor with cooking function. Cookit offers varied and timesaving preparation options such as Guided Cooking, manual cooking as well as numerous automatic programmes to enjoy fresh meals at home every day.

Highlighting Bosch

Bosch has received numerous designs awards with its carbon black appliances with its defining lines. Now followed by the fine accent line carbon black cooktop with extended FlexInduction and interactive lighting.

Cooking at leisure

Cooking at leisure using innovative functions MoveMode this is the ability to automatically save settings to enhance your cooking experience. When in MoveMode, the FlexInduction cooking zone automatically split into different zones for different settings such as cooking, simmering, which can also be used as desired by the chef.

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