For many households its been a busy time trying to keep your little ones busy during the lockdown, here is a simple recipe for them to make to keep them busy – homemade edible playdough!

This is a simple way to keep the kids busy, and the best part is, you don’t have to worry that turning your back for a second will lead to a mouthful of the unknown (as is sometimes customary with toddlers).

* this recipe makes one ball of playdough – simply double/triple or quadruple the ingredients to make as much as you need

You’ll need:

21g marshmallows (large, medium or small)

2 slightly heaped tablespoons maizena

1 tsp coconut oil

optional extra

food colouring of your choice

Get started:

it doesn’t get any easier than this…

• place all of the ingredients into a microwaveable container

• microwave for 30 seconds

• using a tablespoon, mix the ingredients together until combined

• if you are adding colouring, you can now add a few drops (about 6 for a bright colour). stir to combine.

• the mixture will form a ball around the spoon. using your fingers, scrape the mixture off the spoon onto a clean surface

• knead until smooth

• play!

Thank you Eetrite.com for this super recipe!