Every morning around the country Hirsch’s branches hold meetings to help motivate and inspire their staff for the busy day ahead – especially now during this difficult time in our history.  At Hirsch’s Silverlakes Branch recently, Phathisani Sibanda, one of the top sales people in the branch, gave an inspirational talk on perseverance. Said Phathisani “I grew up in a deep rural area where there  was no running water or electricity and we had to fetch firewood in the bushes and water from the river to drink. 

I would go down to the river and dig a well in the sand to find water. The first water that would appear was muddy and dirty but eventually, after scooping out the muddy water several times, it would become clean.  It took a lot of perseverance, but to get to that clean water that we could take home to our families, was like taking bars of gold home.  This also applies in our lives, we must not expect things to work out the first time. We need an attitude of pressing on or persevering until we achieve a desired outcome.”

Phathisani worked hard to get to where he is today.  He owns his own home and has a beautiful wife and two daughters.  His message? “Dont quit, don’t give up, a little more determination could be all it takes to achieve your dreams!”