Molly Munyai is a wonderful example of how pure resilience and the courage of one’s convictions can get one to the top of the ladder.  During this time of uncertainty in the world, it’s people like Molly who will set the example to those around her who are on the verge of giving up – something she has never considered doing!

Molly started working for Hirsch’s in February 2014 at our Boksburg branch as a security officer.  With the constant motivational talks every morning at Hirsch’s where staff are encouraged to share inspirational stories, Molly made up her mind that she was not going to stay in  the position of security guard forever and asked if she could join the stock taking or sales team. She joined the stocktaking department at Hirsch’s Carnival Branch, excelling in her position, learning about each product and finding out from the top sales people and the brand ambassadors in the shop what the bestselling points were. With the product knowledge that she had learnt under her belt, she went on to join the sales team at Hirsch’s Carnival, becoming the top sale person at the branch and transferring to the larger Meadowdale branch in March 2020 where she is currently one of the top sales people.

The cherry on the top for Molly was meeting the love of her life at Hirsch’s, Tshepo Munyai.