They have become our best buddies during lockdown, especially  if we have children and pets!  Let’s face it,  vacuum cleaners have leap frogged over the “grudge purchase” category that they languished in for many years and have now become absolute must haves for every household.   They’re a protective barrier against allergies caused by a myriad of mites and mould !

 Incidentally, millions of people around the world are unaware that they are exposed to toxic mould in their homes and their places of work.   According the experts, the effects of toxic mould exposure on our health can be devastating causing allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, and  muscle and joint pain. Exposure can also eventually  lead to cancer.

Removing Mould From Your Carpet

Mould loves fabric, making most furniture a potential hub for mould. If you are cleaning up after a large leak,   remove the carpet completely.

It’s a good idea to buy a high efficiency (HEPA) vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet.

When using your  HEPA vacuum cleaner:

  1. Make sure you vacuum from every angle. When vacuuming it’s easy to get into the habit of pushing the machine across your carpet in the same direction. Many modern vacuum cleaners have a more flexible design, meant to get into difficult corners or underneath furniture. Use it from every direction possible to remove as many mould spores as possible.
  2. Empty your vacuum cleaner outside. If your vacuum model is bagless, use a disposable wipe to clean out the canister fully. Avoid breathing in the dust. If your vacuum cleaner uses bags, ensure you wear protective gloves, respirator, and clothing as you do so to avoid carrying the spores back into your home.
  3. As the dirt, dust and mould spores in the fibres may have been accumulating for years, don’t be disheartened if you don’t see an immediate improvement in the state of the carpet or your health. It may take several long sessions of vacuuming before you start to feel the benefits.

  Hirsch’s has a fantastic range of vacuum cleaners, most come with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air)  filters for dust filtration. The filters are designed to catch even the tiniest bits of dust and allergens, so are a must for allergy sufferers. Try out one any of these little dust gobblers from Hirsch’s!