Recently Margaret Hirsch, Executive Director of the Hirsch’s group, held another virtual meet up in her popular At Home with Hirsch’s talks with guest speakers , renowned interior decorator Philippa Courtenay from Re-Inspire and Furniture specialists Jeremy Rom from Atlantic Cape and Dominique Resnik from Grafton Everest two of Durban’s top furniture manufacturers. The at Home with Hirsch’s talks welcome industry professionals to give their insight and expert opinion on all topics to do with the home. Margaret initiated these talks to assist the community.

Commented Margaret when welcoming guests “You need to consider several factors when purchasing a new lounge set. For instance,  you can’t buy a huge three piece standard lounge suite for a small town house. You also need to be aware of how you are going to get the lounge suite into your home as some homes don’t have the door space to fit a massive couchthrough, and whether you have kids or not will  also determine the fabric you should use.”  Hirsch’s CEO and furniture buyer Richard Hirsch also commented “When we first started doing furniture 13 years ago, we immediately went straight to China and chose everything there.  Then we realised that we could get a much better quality product, at a much more reasonable price and support local manufacturers in South Africa and especially in our home town of Durban.    So 99.9% of all our lounge suites are made in South Africa with about 98% of them made in Durban”.  

Jeremy Rom spoke about the different types of leather options and the investment value when buying leather as it lasts a lot longer than a standard fabric suite “ If you are looking for an investment piece or something that is going to last for a very long time I would invest in leather but it also depends on your lifestyle and where you live” said Jeremy. Jeremy also noted recent trends – for instance, consumers wanting to join the outside and inside living spaces,  so a lot of natural elements such as wood are being incorporated into their living rooms with big open plan lounge and outdoor areas being combined.

Grafton Everest have just celebrated 67 years as  local furniture manufactures,  and Dominic Resnik spoke about choosing a lounge suite that is going to be durable enough to fit your family’s needs.  Said Dominic “We are about to launch our brand new range targeted at a younger market with an extra comfort feel”. Dominic stressed the importance of buying local as opposed to buying from China “be careful of Chinese quality, it might look great now but there is no guarantee of how long it will actually last. When you buy local you are supporting our local communities and giving jobs to those who need themthe most as well as boosting our own economy” he said.

Philippa gave some advice from and interior decorating perspective “ From a decorating perspective I always suggest going for a neutral colour couch as there are many beautiful accessories out there such as throws and scatter cushions that you can use to brighten up areas that are much cheaper to change around rather than buying a new lounge suite. With regards to trends, there is a greater focus on going back to your roots and bringing in elements that represent you and your culture, they are also a great conversational tool. It is also great to follow a colour chart to choose the overall mood of the room”. said Philippa. 

“Hirsch’s host the At Home with Hirsch’s talks monthly, so keep a lookout for the next event with insights from local industry professionals” said Shane Spencer Public Relations Officer for the Hirsch’s Homestore group.