Hirsch’s Homestore Stocks some of the best HygienePlus Technology dishwashers from Bosch. Your food or drink will always touch the surfaces of your cups, plates, and utensils before going straight into your mouth. Proper Hygiene should be the forefront of your mind in the times we are facing. Washing your Utensils properly before your use them … More HYGIENEPLUS TECHNOLOGY


Defy definitely allows you to believe in better. Defy was established in 1905 and made their debut by manufacturing the first electrical stove in South Africa. They have furthered their brand in South African households through manufacturing durable goods such as washing machines, gas ovens, ovens, and dryers, for the past 112 years and counting with … More DEFY DEFINITELY


You should not be leaving your home unless completely essential, and if you really have to – when you return you need to sanitize every surface you have come into contact with, just-in-case!


Intelligent and modern home appliances can transform your everyday life and help you live more conveniently and stylish than ever!⁠⁠Up-to-date ovens take care of many cooking, baking and clean-up tasks automatically, steam ovens let you cook more gently and healthier and gas or electronic hobs heat up to prepare your dishes faster than ever! Combined … More TRANSFORM YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE


Hirsch’s has the best selected brands. Liebherr has specialized in manufacturing high quality, innovative fridges and freezers for 70 years. From the start of product design, continuing through development of production and marketing, Liebherr has their focus on manufacturing innovative products with high quality along with timeless and elegant design. Liebherr is constantly implementing new ideas … More LIEBHERR BIOFRESH TECHNOLOGY


Cleaning and maintaining your home can be tiring, no one wants to clean when they could be out enjoying the weather or doing fun activities. That’s why Smart Cleaning was invented! In South Africa, dirt and grime will create a build-up, as it’s so hot here. For example, sweating walls, this causes your home to … More SMART CLEANING TIPS