Kiwi Popsicles Not only are these kiwi Popsicles sweet, tangy, and just a little bit spicy, but they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, and fibre, the perfect hot-day Spring treat. #SpringIsKing⠀ Ingredients: 1 3/4 Cups Water⠀ 2 Tablespoons Honey⠀ 1 Teaspoon Ginger Root, fresh⠀ 1/3 Cup Lime Juice⠀ 2 Kiwis, peeled⠀ Method: … More KIWI POPSICLES


Liviya Nutrition and Fitness had their guest chef cook up today’s #WellnessWednesday recipe. Sydney created this super quick version of her favourite dish – pizza! Sydney’s Bread Pizza (serves 2) Cost of ingredients in September 2020: Approximately R8.85 per person for non-vegans and R17.35 per person for vegans Ingredients 8 slices brown bread (crusts removed) … More #WELLNESSWEDNESDAY WITH LIVIYA


“Hands-on” is Jackie’s philosophy, and “don’t ever give up” her motto. The students work alongside her daily, and the school provides the opportunity to experience all things foodie in a safe and secure environment. Tuck into the amazing Recipes by Jackie Cameron below. Graeme Taute’s Rustic Artisan Pizza Base Ingredients: 770G Bread white flour – … More RECIPES BY JACKIE CAMERON


STIR-FRIED CRISPY PAP This delectable Stir-Fried Crispy Pap recipe from Chef Nti puts a creative spin on traditional pap dishes creating something that is not only sophisticated and mouthwatering but makes for a great base for any meat-free Monday! If you would like to try more of Chef Nti’s mouthwatering recipes, you can purchase her … More STIR FRIED CRISPY PAP


The star ingredient of today’s #Wellness Wednesday recipe from  Liviya Nutrition and Fitness is Quinoa – which is a nutty textured seed, a (gluten-free) complex carbohydrate and a complete protein. Roasted Butternut and Quinoa Salad (serves 6) Cost of ingredients in September 2020: Approximately R15 per person Ingredients 1 cup uncooked quinoa 3 cups boiling water … More QUINOA & BUTTERNUT SALAD


Maize Meal Braai Tart Truly a South African recipe! We love maize meal (mielie pap), the addition of chutney elevates the taste toa new level. This recipe may be made ahead and baked at the last minute while the meat is cooking on the braai, however in this instance I cooked it directly in the braai! Serves … More MAIZE MEAL BRAAI TART


Defy’s Rooibos Baby Brekkie recipe is filled with plenty of vitamins, natural fibres and the multiple health benefits of South Africa’s unique Rooibos tea. Why rooibos tea? Rooibos is naturally sweet, caffeine-free, calorie-free, and rich in antioxidants. It is known to soothe colic and digestive discomfort, relieve teething gums and promote better sleep. Filled with zinc, … More ROOIBOS BABY BREKKIE


Heritage Day Heritage Day falls on September 24th and it’s a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate this amazing Rainbow Nation of ours – around a tradition Braai! Hirsch’s Homestore’s have put together the perfect braai starter pack for you to spend more time enjoying the braai instead of setting it up. Heritage Essentials: … More HERITAGE DAY