Intelligent and modern home appliances can transform your everyday life and help you live more conveniently and stylish than ever!⁠⁠Up-to-date ovens take care of many cooking, baking and clean-up tasks automatically, steam ovens let you cook more gently and healthier and gas or electronic hobs heat up to prepare your dishes faster than ever! Combined … More TRANSFORM YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE


Cleaning and maintaining your home can be tiring, no one wants to clean when they could be out enjoying the weather or doing fun activities. That’s why Smart Cleaning was invented! In South Africa, dirt and grime will create a build-up, as it’s so hot here. For example, sweating walls, this causes your home to … More SMART CLEANING TIPS


It is time to start healthy living with LG. With the ongoing environmental challenges that bring more germs, allergens and bacteria. With consumers becoming more concerned about their hygiene and health, LG continuous to develop new solutions to enable them to enjoy healthy living. Healthy living starts with healthy food. The food we eat plays a … More HEALTHY LIVING


If you are currently on the search for the perfect television for your home, you would often, come across QLED television which is associated with Samsung.What is QLED technology and how is it separated from other televisions? Here are some points to convince you that QLED technology could be your best buy yet. QLED is a … More QLED ON THE RISE


‘Imitative of style or fashion from the recent past.’ The definition that best describes Smeg.The 50’s Retro range features vintage designs with classic, sinuous lines and eye-catching colors that combine perfectly with cutting edge technology. This beautiful range of Retro products has changed our way of thinking. The Retro Range carries its theme through all kitchen … More KEEPING THINGS RETRO


The modern urban kitchen is a dynamic living space where each appliance is a design object.⁠ ⁠With the distinctive Siemens design using glass and chrome lines, our built-in ovens and coffee machines create a seamlessly harmonising design statement. ⁠⁠Visit our website to find out more about these amazing Siemens appliances >>> here.


For centuries the kitchen was strictly a workspace tucked in the back of the house with room for just the bare essentials. ⁠ ⁠Today, eliminating the barrier between the kitchen and the social spaces is a practical move and open concept kitchens are a central part of the design concept of modern homes. Siemens Home … More OPEN PLAN KITCHEN DESIGN


When technology meets simplicity, the result is flawless – and that is what you will find with Whirlpool 6th SENSE technology, where design meets performance as the brand has been created for smooth, clutter-free living spaces. The fresh care 6 sense technology keeps laundry fresh, even hours after the cycle has finished.Whirlpool 8kg Silver Washing … More WHIRLPOOL CRAFTS PERFECTION