‘Imitative of style or fashion from the recent past.’ The definition that best describes Smeg.The 50’s Retro range features vintage designs with classic, sinuous lines and eye-catching colors that combine perfectly with cutting edge technology. This beautiful range of Retro products has changed our way of thinking. The Retro Range carries its theme through all kitchen … More KEEPING THINGS RETRO


The modern urban kitchen is a dynamic living space where each appliance is a design object.⁠ ⁠With the distinctive Siemens design using glass and chrome lines, our built-in ovens and coffee machines create a seamlessly harmonising design statement. ⁠⁠Visit our website to find out more about these amazing Siemens appliances >>> here.


For centuries the kitchen was strictly a workspace tucked in the back of the house with room for just the bare essentials. ⁠ ⁠Today, eliminating the barrier between the kitchen and the social spaces is a practical move and open concept kitchens are a central part of the design concept of modern homes. Siemens Home … More OPEN PLAN KITCHEN DESIGN


Do you have a small kitchen with limited space for changes? ⁠⁠ Modern design and aesthetics aren’t exclusive to a large kitchen! You can install your Bosch Home Appliances flexibly based on your individual needs and requirements. Keep your small space organised, functional and aesthetic with Bosch Home Appliances from >>>  Hirsch’s! 


Are you growing tired of grey or neutral kitchens? Maybe it’s time to add a splash of vibrant colour! A bold red is anything but typical and can add an exciting energetic pop to your kitchen. Combined with our modern Siemens home appliances from Hirsch’s you can be sure to make an impression! Have a look at … More SPLASH OF COLOUR